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WET ENTHALPY 0102 – 0604

Water cooled rooftop unit for WLHP and WSHP, with enthalpy heat recovery
Total cooling capacity 55,7 – 278 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
High efficiency autonomous and reversible water-cooled Rooftop unit for the complete thermohygrometric air treatment and the recovery of the rejected heat for the air renewal . The filtration, ventilation and air renewal are provided by a packaged solution that perfectly suits in high volume applications – e.g. supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. with water loop system. In these applications the percentage of fresh air necessary to maintain the air quality level established by local rules is particularly high; this is why the use of an high efficiency heat recovery is strongly recommended. Both winter and summer operation, double refrigerant circuit, hermetic rotary scroll compressors with R410A refrigerant, plate type exchanger on the source side. Air treatment section with plug fans, direct expansion finned internal exchangers, motorized external air, mixing and expulsion dampers and rotary enthalpic heat recovery. Advanced ventilation management also according to the thermal load thanks to the “Vair, Variable Flow” function.


B – Basic



PC – function for constant water flow system
PV – function for variable water flow system
PP – function for disposable water system


    The VAir function allows to change the air flow according to the therma load, providing a significant reduction in terms of electrical consumption for the air treatment fans.
    The use of the R410A, the high energy recovery rate from the exhaust air and the use of intertwined coils provide an high energy efficiency during the working of the unit.
    The exclusive enthalpic rotary heat recovery allows to recover from the exhaust air both sensible and latent heat, both in winter and summer operation. The recovery of the latent heat improves the dehumidification capability of the unit in summer and the humidification in winter, with a very high efficiency ratio.
    The supply and return plug fans combine the high efficiency of the ventilation section with an easy and fast installation of the unit, both electrical and aeraulic.
    Refrigerant lines and regulation devices are easily accessible and separated from the air treatment section. Thus meaning a reduction of contamination accidental risk and allowing the valves adjustment while the unit is running.


  • Enthalpy free-cooling
  • CO2 control sensor for air quality
  • Hot gas post heating
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards
  • Remote control keyboard (distance to 200m and to 500m)
  • High efficiency filters: electronic or rigid pocket F7


  • AIR3000TE
    The AIR3000 TE controller offers advanced functions and algorithms. It is made up by two control boards, dedicated to the air side and the refrigerant side respectively. The keypad features functional controls and a complete LCD display that allows for the monitoring and intervention on the unit by means of a multi-level menu with selectable user´s language. The step proportional capacity adjustment is based on the return temperature; proportional-integral management can also be set. Its functions include the adjustment of the ambient humidity, the thermal or enthalpic (optional) free-cooling and supply temperature limitation. Defrosting is based on a self-adaptive propriety logic with monitoring of several operating and environmental parameters. The management of the ventilation can be realized with constant air flow regulation (optional): as pressure drop varies, the fans change speed so as to maintain the flow-rate at the designed value for the system, regardless of filter clogging. The controller allows to integrate and automatically manage different optional thermal resources (hot water coil, electrical heater and gas thermal module), hot gas post-heating (optional) and the fresh air percentage (optional with CO2 sensor or remote signal 4-20 mA). The presence of the programmable timer allows the user to create an operating profile containing up to 4 typical days and 10 time bands. The diagnostics comprises a complete alarm management system, including ‘black box’ (via PC) functions and an alarm log list (via display or also a PC) for optimized analysis of the unit performance. Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or via third party systems by means of the most common protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, Echelon LonWorks protocols. Compatibility with the remote keyboard managing up to 10 units.