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NECS-WNR 0152 – 1604

Reversible unit, NRG line, total heat recovery, water source
Cooling capacity 45,7 – 491 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
Water source reversible unit with total heat recovery for the simultaneous production of chilled/hot water with hermetic rotary Scroll compressors, with R410A, plate heat exchangers and thermostatic expansion valve. The range is composed by units equipped with two and four compressors, all with two refrigerant circuits.


B – Basic


    The use of R410A allowed to achive better energy efficiencies with environment full respect (ODP = 0)
    A 2 way valve is supplied as standard for the condensing pressure control. For all the applications in which a constant waterflow through the condenser is needed, a 3-way valve option is also available under request.
    Energy saving guaranteed by the advanced operation’s logic. The best operation mode is set completely automatically and independently by the unit’s controller, in order to minimize the absorbed energy whatever the cooling and/or heating demand might be
    Production of domestic hot water up to 55 °C in both summer and winter operating conditions, offering maximum versatility with respect to different plant engineering solutions.


  • Remote control keyboard (distance to 200m and to 500m)
  • Water connections directed upwards (for 2 compressors units only)
  • Acoustical enclosure to reduce the noise emissions.
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus, Echelon LonTalk, Bacnet protocol board


  • W3000 large
    The controller W3000 large offers the latest control and functions developed directly by Climaveneta on the basis of their experience gained over the years with these particular units and the related plant engineering. The keypad is generously sized with full operating status display. The controls and detailed LCD make access to machine settings easy and safe. Temperature regulation managed on the two water circuits, with a proportional logic referred to the return water temperatures. This allows to satisfy simultaneously the different heating- and cooling requests, with no need of mode changeover. The diagnostics includes full management of alarms with black-box functions and alarm record for better analysis of unit performance. Supervision is easy through Climaveneta devices or with various options for interfacing to ModBus, Bacnet, Echelon LonTalk protocols. Compatibility with remote keyboard (management up to 10 units). Clock available with programming of operation (standard 4 days and 10 time bands). Exclusive self-adaptive defrost logic, monitoring multiple operational- and ambient parameters, which allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.