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NECS-FC 0152 – 1604

Air cooled chiller with free-cooling
Cooling capacity 41,5 – 477 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water, equipped with hermetic scroll compressors, R410A refrigerant, axial-fans, condensing coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins, braze-welded plate evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve. External panels are of peraluman, base of galvanized epoxy powder coated steel. The unit is supplied with anti-freeze oil and refrigerant and has been factory tested. On-site installation therefore just involves making connections to the mains power and water supplies. These chillers, fitted with free-cooling coils, are used in IT-cooling, industrial and civil applications, when the cooling load is constant all-year-round or the outdoor air temperature is lower than the temperature of the liquid return line. In free cooling mode, the liquid is cooled by outdoor air, thus lowering the load of the compressors until it is reduced to zero. The NG configuration complies with applications where it is not allowed or desired the use of ethylene glycol.


B – Basic
SL – Super-low noise version



Basic function
NG – Function for free-cooling without use of glycole


    Thanks to the dedicated coils for Free-Cooling, the R-410A optimised scroll compressors and the R-410A refrigerant, the NECS FC units allow an average power saving of 30% compared with standard European consumption.
    Flexibility is achieved by the continuous modulation of the capacity provided by the compressors. The three-way modulating valve (optional) on the water side offers improved leaving water temperature control also at low outdoor temperatures.
    The NECS FC units are available in two separate versions: B (basic), SL (super low noise) in order to fully satisfy special requirements and cope with the most complex installation solutions in both the Industrial Process and the Comfort sectors.
    Customised adjustment constantly guarantees the required temperature of the chilled water whilst fully exploiting all the available resources (compressors, fans and water coils) in relation to the temperature of the external air. This makes it possible to fully use the free-cooling system even when external air temperatures are close to zero.
    It consists of 1 or 2 pumps with 2 or 4-pole motor, with three head options to satisfy different industrial applications and demands for comfort


  • Modulating valve for water temperature control in Free-Cooling mode
  • Hydronic group
  • Automatic circuit breakers on loads
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards
  • Remote control keyboard (distance to 200m and to 500m)


  • W3000SE Large
    The W3000 SE Large controller offers advanced functions and algorithms. The keypad is generously sized with full operating status display. The commands and detailed LCD display make access to the unit’s settings easy and safe. These resources allow to consult and intervene on the unit by means of a multi-level menu, with selectable language setting. The diagnostics includes a complete alarm management, with the „black-box” and alarm logging functions for enhanced analysis of the unit operation. For multiple units’ systems, the regulation of the resources, via optional proprietary devices, can be implemented. Energy metering, for both consumption and capacity, can also be developed. Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, Echelon LonWorks. Compatibility with the remote keyboard managing up to 10 units. Availability of an internal real time clock for operation scheduling (4-day profiles with 10 hour belts). The regulation features a step-wise regulation, referred to the return water temperature with selectable proportional- or proportional-integral logic.