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Group regulation device MANAGER 3000

NECS 0202T - 0612T
The MANAGER 3000 is a centralised management and control system for a group of hydronic units such as Climaveneta chillers, heat pumps and energy raisers. It can control up to 8 units, with the same or different power ratings, on 2- or 4-pipe systems. Regulation may be set according to the temperature read by the plant delivery or return probe, as required. It is supplied in an industrial box complete with all components. The MANAGER 3000 has an 8.4” touch-screen user interface, allowing access to all information and the sending of commands with a few simple touches. Communication between MANAGER 3000 and the machines is accomplished by means of an RS485 serial connection. It has its own adjustment probes to be placed in suitably prepared pockets in the hydraulic system pipes. Various additional options, to be chosen according to the characteristics, needs and availability of remote connection at the place of installation of the units, can be supplied in the same industrial box as the MANAGER 3000: modem/router for connection to a fixed ADSL line, modem for connection to a fixed PSTN, modem for connection to GPRS.


2P – for 2-pipe plants
4P – for 4-pipe system
2P+VPF – for 2-pipe systems with VPF or VPF.D (variable primary flow)
4P+VPF – for 4-pipe systems with VPF or VPF.D (variable primary flow)


  • – Ease of installation thanks to the all-in-one solution
  • – 8.4” Touch-screen display, 65536 colours
  • – Security – password-protected data access
  • – Multi-language interface
  • – Possibility of selecting the type of regulation and the reference probe for regulation
  • – Possibility of selecting the type of distribution of the requests of the group regulation device to the machines according to the needs of the system
  • – Some units can be given priority
  • – Possibility of choosing the number of units on standby – dynamic standby
  • – Balancing of single unit operating hours
  • – Device and unit alarm display
  • – Management of an additional serial connection for the integration of existing BMS