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i-FX-Q 0502 – 0802

INTEGRA unit for 4-pipe systems, air source for outdoor installation Cooling capacity 466 – 811 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
Multi-purpose outdoor unit for use in 4-pipe systems for the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water by means of two independent hydronic circuits. These units are able to satisfy the demand for hot and cold water simultaneously through a system that does not require seasonal switching and is therefore a valid alternative to traditional plants with chiller and boiler. Each circuit works with an inverter driven semi-hermetic screw compressor using R134a, two shell and tubes heat exchangers shared by both circuits, a cold heat exchanger and a hot one on plant’s side, and a source side coil heat exchanger that works as either condenser or evaporator as required by the loads. The revolutionary unit’s design, patent pending, and the use of inverter motors on compressors, fans and, on request, on pumps, ensures un umbeatable efficiency, specially at part load.


  • CA – Class A of efficiency
  • LN-CA – Low Noise, Class A of efficiency
  • SL-CA – Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency


    The exclusive regulation´s logic of the INTEGRA units, the only able to satisfy cold and hot building loads simultaneously, and the use of inverter motors ensure the highest energy saving for complex plants, as the 4-pipes system are
    Very high efficiency at partial load thanks to the inverter technology applied on screw compressors. Therefore, operating costs are reduced to a minimum
    Silence optimized for the most frequent operational conditions, thanks to the accurate structure’s design, to the use of EC fans (DC brushless) and to the adoption of variable-speed driven compressors.
    Unit´s operation guaranteed with external air temperature down to -10 °C during winter and up to 46 °C during summer.
    Low inrush current and cos(phi) higher than 0.9, permit an easy electrical installation which is not stressed during start-up and with no need of extra devices for power factor correction. The use of inverter allows the unit partialize down to 15%, with consequent lower fluctuations of leaving water temperature


  • Hydronic group
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) kit: variable flow pumps with on board regulation
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards


  • W3000SE Large
    The controller W3000 large offers the latest control and functions specially developed for these units.The controls and detailed LCD touch-screen make access to machine settings easy and safe. These resources permit to diirectly display the full operating status and to act on the unit settings through a multilevel menu, available in several languages. The regulation operates on both water circuits and features the continuous modulation of capacity by adjustment of the compressor speed. The modulation is based on PID algorithms and referring to the leaving water temperature. This is combined with the management of the compressors’ status, with two selectable logics (proportional referred to the return temperature or dead band referred to the leaving temperature). This allows to satisfy simultaneously and accurately the different requests of both cooling and heating, with no need of mode setting. The diagnostics includes a complete alarm management, with the „black-box” and alarm logging functions for enhanced analysis of the unit operation. For multiple units’ systems, the regulation of the resources, via optional proprietary devices, can be implemented. Energy metering, for both consumption and capacity, can also be developed. Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, Echelon LonWorks. Compatibility with the remote keyboard managing up to 10 units. Availability of an internal real time clock for operation scheduling (4-day profiles with 10 hour belts). The defrost adopts a proprietary self-adaptive logic, which features the monitoring of numerous operational parameters. This allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.