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HRD2 050 – 410

High efficiency Heat Recovery Units
Recovery heat exchanger capacity 3,35 – 27,9 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
The HRD2 heat recovery unit s are developed for installation in commercial and service sector such as offices, bars, restaurants, meeting rooms, shops, schools, gyms, and in general in all facilities where the energy cost reduction is of high importance. In modern air-conditioning and air treatment systems is necessary to create forced ventilation which involves air conditioned expelling, with high energy consumption and high costs. HRD2 heat recovery units, using a high efficiency aluminum static heat recovery, can solve this problem by saving more than 70% of the energy that would otherwise be lost with the expelled stale air. These units may be integrated with traditional systems such as fan coils, water coolers or radiators, and can operate both in summer and in winter. The range HRD2 is recommended for suspended ceiling installation and can be ducted to allow the fresh air intake and distribution.


OL – Horizontal installation, left air supply
OR – Horizontal Installation with right air supply
VL – Vertical Installation with left air supply
VR – Vertical installation, right air supply 


  • High efficiency counterflow heat recovery with aluminium heat exchanger plates, supplementary sealing and built-in motorized by pass device. Aluminium drain pan, fitted with 1/2″ condensation outlet (on side for horizontal units and bottom for vertical units). High Efficiency >75% on dry conditions. All sizes are Eurovent Certified
  • Plug Fan Direct driven EC motor with Brushless tecnology. Plastic fiber glass reinforced impeller for size 05 to size 10, and aluminium impeller for bigger sizes. 
  • Self -supporting steel structure, made of 25 mm double pannels with galvanized steel pannel internaly and RAL9002 painted pannel externally. Inspection doors and panels. For horizontal installations longitudinal steel brackets are supplied for ceiling installation, while for vertical installation (floor installation), galvanized steel feet are supplied as standard. 
  • Motorized Bypass Dumper for Free Cooling and Free Heating taking advantage of favorable external temperature conditions. 
  • Mineral Wool Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Compact filters M5 efficiency class on return air, F7 efficiency class on fresh air, easy removable from bottom and side panels. Efficiency according to EN 779:2012
  • Built-in electric box with electronic controller for a complete control of all typical functions of the units


  • Internal electrical pre and post heater
  • External section with changeover watercoil
  • Motorized adjusting Dumpers
  • 3 Way valve with modulating actuator
  • Roof cover for vertical and horizontal units
  • Air filter pressure switch
  • Ducted CO2 sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Anti-vibration junction
  • Round connections


  • Wall mounted Control for Heat Recovery units HRD2 CR
    Manual/Automatic control of EC fans. Modulating control of water valve. Electric heater control (both pre and post heating) . Heat recovery defrost contol. Free Cooling on/off mode control. Filter pressure switch managment. Fan management by CO2 sensor. Fan management by 1 pressure sensor. Weekly programming. Alarm management. Remore summer/winter mode. EC fan motors management by fire alarm digital input. BMS by Modbus protocol and RS485 connection. Remote display with internal temperature sensor.