Residential chillers and heat pumps

HE 0011 – 0121

Condenserless unit
Cooling capacity 4,70 – 32,4 kW

BRA2 0021 - 0061

HH FF is the Climaveneta range of cooling units. These are indoor units that may be combined with remote outdoor condensers to guarantee maximum flexibility and compliance with any architectural restriction. These units have hermetic Scroll compressors and Full Floating technology. The latter is an intelligent electronic unit providing the perfect answer to residential market requirements: compactness, ease of installation and quietness.



FF – Basic version, with built-in hydronic kit


  • Structure and base in hot-dip galvanised steel with epoxy powder paint finish.
  • High efficiency, low pressure drop AISI 316 stainless steel plate heat exchangers, fitted with heating element to provide frost protection.
  • Control with foolproof device accessible from the outside.
  • Differential pressure switch.
  • The remote condenser may be installed up to a distance of 50 metres from the cooling unit.
  • The safety of the unit is guaranteed by a door lock isolator on the electrical power switchboard and by active protection devices on the main components.


  • Buffer tank plus pump
  • Hydronic kit plus pump
  • Removable metal mesh water filter kit
  • Modulating pump kit
  • Control board for the modulating pump kit


Full Floating features

Once every 3 minutes an algorithm automatically optimises the water set point in relation to the compressor operating time and the temperatures of the water in the system. The water storage tank is no longer indispensable because it is compensated by the Floating Set function, with resulting reduction in: size; weight; installation times; system setting-up times.