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Supervisory device FWS3000

NECS 0202T - 0612T
The FWS 3000 device is used to supervise systems comprising several Climaveneta chillers, heat pumps, intergra and rooftops units. It allows systems to be monitored without the need to install any additional software to the dedicated supervision PC´s. The web pages contained in the FWS 3000, allowing users to visualise system information and send commands, can be viewed using any web browser. Basic applications are available for various types of system. The web pages of each type of supervision system are all structured in the same way in order to make them as intuitive as possible. The system is supplied as an industrial box, complete with all components. The FWS 3000 dialogues with the local PC via an Ethernet network cable, while a RS485 serial connection is used to communicate with the units. Various accessories, to be chosen according to the characteristics, needs and availability of remote connection at the place of installation of the units, can be supplied in the same industrial box as the FWS 3000: modem/router for connection to a fixed ADSL line, modem for connection to a fixed PSTN, modem for connection to GPRS.


A – Visualization type A
C – Visualization type C


  • Ease of installation thanks to the all-in-one solution
  • Simplicity of use – web pages are easy to surf thanks to the popularity of the Internet
  • Reliability thanks to the use of tried and tested networks and protocols
  • Security – password-protected data access
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Management of an additional serial connection for the integration of existing BMS
  • Charts for monitoring the progress of various measurement data
  • Access to consumption cost-allocation software for shopping centre applications
  • Customisation of web pages and basic applications
  • Possibility to enable the fault reporting to the authorised Service Centre