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Energy metering device DEMETRA

NECS 0202T - 0612T

The new DEMETRA device represents the solution for the most evolved and up-to-date requirements concerning the energy management of HVAC hydronic systems. DEMETRA (DEvice for Metering of Energy TRAnsfers) in fact, enables the metering of both electric energy consumption and cooling / heating performances. It is adapted to monitor all the different Climaveneta units with W3000SE controller, dedicated both for 2 or 4 pipes plants, and is always associated to the Climaveneta group control or supervision devices (Manager3000 or FWS3000). DEMETRA can monitor up to 8 units connected together. DEMETRA continuously acquires the electric energy consumption, the primary circuit(s) temperature, the external source (air or water) temperature and the water flow rates on the user side heat exchanger(s). These values are integrated with the operating status of each unit, as detected by Manager3000 or FWS3000, to calculate the thermal energy produced, the unit’s real efficiency and the quote of energy produced for free (if pertinent). The control device coupled with DEMETRA has to be LAN or Internet connected. Thus, the final user can, in every moment after authentication, access to the DEMETRA’s homepage. For each unit is possible to visualize the dotted graphs of the following variables: temperatures, absorbed electrical energy, cooling and heating capacity, unit’s total efficiency and thermal energy’s quote obtained for free (if pertinent). It’s even possible to obtain cumulative graphs for cooling and heating unit capacity and average efficiency in the selected period. All the main data can be downloaded in excel format, where all the information are detailed for intervals of 30 minutes



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