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CRCD 0051 – 0071

Rack Cooler units direct expansion Dual Fluid Total cooling capacity gross 11,0 – 16,7 kW

NECS 0202T - 0612T
The indoor vertical air conditioning units CLIMAVENETA RACK COOLER is an effective management system of the Hot Spots in the data center, ensuring low energy consumption and usage possibilities even under extremely high loads for HIGH DENSITY rack ´up and over 40 kW/m2 rack. The use of EC fan systems, featuring last-generation electronic-switching brushless motors, assures excellent performance and low consumption. The Rack Cooler Dual Fluid unit provides redundancy in cooling capacity also in emergency situations: to be connected to an external chiller for primary chilled water circuit, and to condensing unit i-HCAT for the secondary or back up circuit in direct expansion type. The condensing unit i-HCAT air-cooled type with axial-flow fans, fitted with INVERTER-DRIVEN HERMETIC SCROLL compressor for operation on R410A refrigerant, mounted on rubber vibration dampers, complete with oil charge, supplied with oil separator to ensure correct lubrication even at minimum speed, and fitted with thermal protector. The i-HCAT is available on versions BASIC ans d LT for low external temperature. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION These individual units to be positioned between the racks in the row so as to act locally in order to dissipate the load of servers. In InRow versions (CCRC-I) by treating the air is sucked in the back of the unit directly from hot aisle of data center (35 ° C) to be cooled and sent on the cold aisle (18-20 ° C) in front of the racks. In Enclosure versions (CCRC-E) servers and conditioner are hermetically housed avoiding phenomena of mixing air with the outside, with obvious loss of efficiency in the conditioning. The air is sucked directly into the rack from the back closed directly by the servers (46 ° C) and sent from the front once cooled (25-30 ° C) directly to the servers with considerable savings of energy due to the smaller amount treated air.


  • ENCLOSURE – Basic, ENCLOSURE air flow configuration
  • IN-ROW – Basic, IN-ROW air flow configuration


    The CRC unit combines the efficiency of use of last EC fans generation and a direct expansion system with inverter compressor (fitted in condensing unit i-HCAT) allowing a great EER value. Thanks to the adoption of inverter DC brushless compressors, these units can reduce by 50% consumptions at part load, if compared to a traditional ON/OFF compressor. This is made possible also thanks to the advantages of variable air flow enabled by EC fans.
    The InRow and Enclosure versions are both arranged with hydraulic/refrigerant connections and electric supply from top or bottom side, so as to allow a quick and easy installation in any condition, whether or not foreseen the presence of a raised floor.
    The units are supplied with a new management algorithm called IDM-INTEGRAL DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT able to prevent stratification of temperature within the rack through the use of 4 sensors (2 on the suction and 2 on the outlet) integrated and independent on the basis the real load in the single stratified BLADE work to optimize the ventilation only when required so as to maximize energy benefits. The IDM also provides the optimal management of the outlet temperatures of the treated integrating the various resources in a DYNAMIC and INTELLIGENT way to avoid unpleasant condensation ensuring (SHR = 1).
    CRC units, with their characteristics of dimensional standardization based on the rack, are ideal for all those datacentres where SCALABILITY of the system is a strategic factor.
    Perfect integration with systems that minimize the mixing hot and cold air between the aisles and that emphasize the efficiency of such systems.


    Semi-graphic display 132 x 64 pixel, 6 backlit buttons, Programmable software, Record storage of 100 alarms, General alarm, Automatic reset after blackout, Integral LAN system, Standby management, Automatic rotation, Serious alarms, 2 configurable Output alarm.