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Raised floor for data center

NECS 0202T - 0612T

The raised floor is designed to easily adapt to future evolutions of IT spaces, avoiding expensive building work. CLIMAVENETA FLOOR is the product to fulfill the need for versatile design of data centers. Advantages: ADAPTABILITY – The panels of Climaveneta Floor easily adapt to all different kinds of data centers. Thanks to a great variety of modules and materials, Climaveneta Floor can be further customized according to specific design requirements. PERFECT AIR DISTRIBUTION – The raised floor configuration utilises the underfloor spaces to channel outlet air released from the perimeter air conditioners. The underfloor spaces are kept in pressure and the air inside the environment remains homogeneous. STABILITY AND HIGH LOAD RESISTANCE – Advanced steel frame and diagonal stringers are fixed in a way to notably increase the system’s solidity, ensuring an improved static and dynamic load resistance. MODULARITY AND FLEXIBILITY – Climaveneta Floor has been designed for quick and easy installation and removal of the panels, simplifying the access to the equipment and future plant design changes to the IT environment. SAFETY AND RELIABILITY – Climaveneta Floor design has been designed to keep the electrical cables perfectly separate from the air or water flows released from the units, thus avoiding any risk of leakages or malfunctioning PERFECT ACOUSTIC COMFORT – Climaveneta Floor panels utilise soundproof materials like calcium sulphate or wood chipboard, both good at minimizing sound emissions, thus ensuring the perfect noise comfort inside the environment


  • SUBSTRUCTURE. Two types are available: STF Kit floor substructure zink whisker free, including screws, adjustable pedestals, MEDIUM stringers H30 and pedestal head gaskets. EXTRA Kit floor substructure zink whisker free, including screws, adjustable pedestals, HEAVY stringers 25×25 and pedestal head gaskets
  • FLOOR. Available with high density core made with chipboard (720 kg/m3) or calcium sulphate (1500 kg/ m3). Bottom made of no-scratch and no-rip aluminium foil (BASIC version) or steel tray 0,5 mm thickness (HEAVY version). Top covering made with HPL laminated Abet walkprint 577 or Vynil Tarkett Vylon Plus (color 535)