Residential chillers and heat pumps

BRAT-MC 0011 – 0121

Condensing unit
Cooling capacity 5,61 – 33,4 kW

BRA2 0021 - 0061
Outdoor split-system unit working with R410A refrigerant for connection with direct expansion coils or remote exchangers, with hermetic rotary scroll compressor and axial-flow fans. External panels and basement and base in galvanised sheet steel with paint finish.


B – Basic
SL – Super-low noise version


  • Coil protection grid for models 0011÷0061.
  • Structure and base in hot-dip galvanised steel with epoxy powder paint finish.
  • Control with foolproof device accessible from the outside.
  • Finned coils made with copper pipes and aluminium fins with large exchange surface area, tested for leaks with dried air at 30 bar.
  • User interface with display.
  • Phase sequence controller for models 0071÷0121


  • Rubber anti-vibration mounting kit
  • Coil protection grid for models 0071÷0121
  • External main switch kit
  • HSW10 remote keyboard


HSW15 Electronic Controller
The HSW15 device is the new Climaveneta controller for the management of condensing units. The new 4-digit display offers clear reading of the variables in play, while the 14 symbols give an immediate view of machine states for system diagnostics. The 4 keys can be used to navigate the tree menu, access to which is password-protected for maximum security. The electronic controller incorporates a series of protection algorithms in order to prevent damage being done to the main system components. The most important includes parameters concerning compressor start-up times in order to prevent over-frequent starting times (minimum delay after last stop and minimum delay after last start). Condensation control is managed by modulating the air flow through the condensation coils by varying the ventilation speed. This allow to increase the unit’s efficiency as well as improve the system quietness.